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Configure Oracle Report Server to Display correctly Greek fonts in PDF and HTML format

Upload the arial font in ttf format and pfa format arialbi.ttf arialbd.ttf ariali.ttf arial.ttf [oraclefrm@srvas1 AFM]$ od -a ariali | grep Usage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...
Try `grep --help' for more information.
[oraclefrm@srvas1 AFM]$ od -a arial|grep cr
[oraclefrm@srvas1 AFM]$ od -a arialbi|grep cr
[oraclefrm@srvas1 AFM]$ od -a arialbd|grep cr
[oraclefrm@srvas1 AFM]$ od -a ariali|grep cr
[oraclefrm@srvas1 AFM]$

Rename arial to : mv arialArialMT
mv arialbd Arial-BoldMT
mv arialiArial-ItalicMT
mv arialbi Arial-BoldItalicMT

Add In screenprinter.ppd: *Font ArialMT: Standard "(001.004)" Standard ROM
*Font Arial-BoldMT: Standard "(001.004)" Standard ROM
*Font Arial-ItalicMT: Standard "(001.004)" Standard ROM
*Font Arial-BoldItalicMT: Standard "(001.004)" Standard ROM

[oraclefrm@srvas1 bin]$ vi
Add the application reports’ repository